The River Guide


The River Journal consists of featured artists and poets along with a variety of columns. We publish a partially themed quarterly journal to ensure a variety of readings for you every issue.  There are four general themes rotating through the year with a new focus every issue. The main feature, opinion, and DuK columns follow the theme while poetry and art may or may not depending on the topic.  We feature three poets, an artist, and one photographer per publication.

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The works found on the front page are just the beginning due to space limitations. Click on the post to view more. The art and photography is often one piece of a series of the artists work placed in the gallery plus you will find the artists biography or an interview. The featured poetry will have a biography of the poet or an interview and you may find a second poem.


There are three sections to the journal. The first is on top explaining the theme and its focus, a quick look inside, and the announcement of the seasonal challenge. The second section is the body or the mid section of the whole page with the main feature, poetry, art, and photography.  The third section is the bottom with the columns and specials. *note: a picture or banner will often bring you some where.



***The General Themes and  Columns of The River are described below.

4 General Themes

A general theme will be narrowed down to a topic of focus with every publication.

Beyond the Surface-

Up-Close or Interview about a Person, Place, or Thing

World Focus-           

a close look at a thought, belief, an expression, an issue, or just about anything with a Global Perspective

Voices of Nature

an up close look at the Natural World

– Elements of Direction

 an up close of the spiritual world though inquisitive eyes.

Columns of The River

The Opinion, DuK, & main Feature are in every publication along with Behind their Words and Vault of Expression. The rest of the columns take turns.

Opinion = a piece written respectfully either of ones belief or as a devils advocate.

Did you Know (DuK) = information or knowledge past, present, or future the general public does not know.

Vault of Expression– Up Close or Interview with an artist/photographer.

Behind their(the) Words– Up Close or Interview of writer, poet, style, ex…

Mindless Philosopher– Up Close on anything philosophical. (of course within boundaries)

Timeless Notes- Up Close or Interview of musician or band, style or Era.