2012 Autumn Poetry Contest- Writing Challenge

The 2012 Autumn Poetry Contest runs from September 14 through the 17. This time, we are using the YouTube video, Autumn – Vivaldi, for inspiration. You don’t need to watch the entire piece, a minute should be enough to spark your muse.

Here are the guidelines for the 2012 Autumn Poetry Contest. Please read carefully because there have been several changes.

  1.  Adhere to the prompt- the first minute of the video
  2.  Follow The River Journal by subscription or readers
  3.  Single spaced, 12-pt. Times New Roman font, 30 lines MAX
  4.  Copy poem into the email. Do not send as attachment
  5.  Email entry to contest@theriverjournal.org  *
  6.  Subject for email- Autumn12/last name
  7.  Submit original/nonpublished poems

This is a blind contest. The winner will be selected by The River Journal Team. After the top poem is selected, I will notify the winner and then make an announcement on The River Journal Facebook page and Twitter. In the next issue, the winner will be highlighted and the poem shared. The winner also receives a free issue of Brush Strokes & Ink Spots: The First Year. Click here to view past contests.

Good luck! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.


*Some entrants ran into snags with the email last time, while others had no problems at all. If you are experiencing difficulty with the email address, contest@theriverjournal.org,  ask yourself these questions:
~Am I typing in the correct email address?  Common errors include adding to contest and using (dot)com rather than (dot)org. IT’S  .org
~Am I using a mobile device?