Columns & Specials

Here is a list of our columns and specials:

1. Columns

a) Opinion = a piece written respectfully either of ones belief or as a devils advocate.

b) Did you Know (DuK) = information or knowledge past, present, or future the general public does not know.

c)1. Vault of Expression- Up Close or Interview with an artist/photographer.

d) Behind The Words- Up Close or Interview of writer, poet, style, ex…

e) Mindful Philosopher- Up Close on anything philosophical. (of course within the boundaries)

f) Timeless Notes- Up Close or Interview of musician or band, style or Era.

2. Specials-

a) Blog of the Month= a unique blog of any kind- contact owner, linked badge, bio of them.

b) Real Life Stories= a real story from life- usually from a contributor.

c) River Review= Natasha’s- published review of writer/poet.

d) Editors Corner= Rivers- updates, announcements, ex.

e) Cartoon= Tommy’s- The Oval Family

f) Quirky Tid-bits= humor, off the wall, goofy thoughts, sayings, and stories.