Lawrence Parent

Lawrence  lives on the LCO Reservation in Wisconsin with his wife and five children.   He is a poet, a song writer, a carpenter,
a man of many traits that lives  simple along side the natural world. Lawrence is an Ojibwe Indian.  He grew up in foster homes and then traveled all over the U.S., living in places like Utah, and California, always searching for truths.  After many religions, divorces, and life experiences he came back to the reservation to live with his people and their spiritual traditions, a destination he found he was always moving towards.  Some of his greatest accomplishments include attaining seven article fifteens and one court marshall in the army and delivering most of his children (like a football he just caught them he says).  His Ojibwe Grandfather taught him to “always keep his head down” because you will be destroyed if you’re noticed, so he has traveled in camouflage, planting seeds here and there.  It is the sign of the times that people like him, who have kept themselves hidden, are coming forward to speak.

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