J.S. Wayne

Born in Amarillo, Texas, J.S. Wayne has lived, worked, or traveled in approximately two thirds of the North American continent and has amassed a resume that could kindly be described as “eclectic.” He currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife, Erin, and his puppy, Munchkin. In his laughably sparse spare time, he enjoys reading, scary movies, strategy games, and collecting obsolete weapons. He is currently hard at work on a host of work-in-progress novels, short stories, and poetry, including the sequel to Requiem, Requiescat.

His currently available projects include Shadowphoenix: Requiem; “Angels Would Fall,” “Angel Of The Morning,””Ancient Magic,” and, as part of the Red Roses and Shattered Glass anthology of dark erotica, “Espiritu Sancti,” as well as the forthcoming “Dancing on Flames” andWail. With the exception of Shadowphoenix: Requiem and Wail, all of these stories and novels are or will be available from Noble Romance Publishing.

For more about J.S. Wayne’s work and poetry, visit his blog at http://jswayne.wordpress.com.


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