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 River Urke aka Ziibi

River is the Senior Editor, founder, designer, and one of the writers of The River.
Contact River at:   editor@theriverjournal.org      Twitter:@ziibi _river -ziibi_river

Michael Dickel

Michael is The River Journal’s Creative Writing Editor
contact Michael at: cw@theriverjournal.org

    Tommy Blackwolf aka Twowolvz

Tommy is The River Journal’s  Art Editor
contact Tommy at: art@theriverjournal.org 



Sheila Moore

Sheila is The River Journal’s Photo Editor.
contact Sheila at: photo@theriverjournal.org



Profile Picture Laurie Kolp

Laurie is  The River Journal’s  Assistant Creative Writing Editor .
contact Laurie at: contests@theriverjournal.org

Regular Contributor Writers

Profile PictureKim Troike aka Gardenlile

Profile PictureWilliam Gaylord

Profile PictureDoug Petersen

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