Vault of Expression- Just past imagination An Interview Danielle Davis

Hi everyone boy do we have a great Artist to interview this quarter, Danielle Davis.

Danielle Davis is a self-taught abstract painter who dreams, plays and creates on the Island of Hawaii.

” Abstract for me is a beautiful visual language that communicates our broader reality”

T.Blackwolf: How old were you when you discovered art? And how old were you when you realized this was a passion something that you love and need to express?

Danielle- I have been creative as far back as I can remember. My mother being an art lover herself always provided me with materials to experiment with. What was great though was I wasn’t given instructions as to how things should be used so i just received tools and was open to using them as I please to create.I think that really fed my inventive side. To this day I practice the creative philosophy of using whatever it takes to achieve the result I am looking for and often favor strange tools to work with such as toothpicks, wire, household items etc.Since that was started early on with me,art really is just part of my personality. I love mental exploration & connection to things.Artwork can say so much in a single area. To me it is the greatest form of communication.

Shroud by Danielle Davis

Danielle- abstract for me is the rawest form of reality when it comes to information. It closes the gaps and completes where other forms of expression fall short. It condenses great things into a single space that exposes the mysteries & complexities of existence. It ultimately taking shape in the form of ‘art’ defines the whole as work of beauty that almost cannot be explained. In my view it is the closest thing we have to understanding the concept of the infinite.

T.Blackwolf: Your form and fluidity in one of my favorite pieces”Shroud”is amazing the depth and translucent layering is beautiful and fearless what inspired it?

Danielle-Thank you very much! That particular work was part of a series of subject abstract portraits. Shroud is a portrait telling the story of what emerges through facing extreme adversity in an individual. Really an homage to people who have been to hell and back in their lives while having to get through ‘regular’ life at the same time. Comparing the process of that to the training of a warrior. which I believe it is. emerging from such things requires special internal assets. People who have been through a lot operate on a different plane in many ways. they’ve got an extra layer of involvement in life. It creates a powerful energy or presence in them & you can see it on their face. they wear it.

T.Blackwolf  : A good deal of your work is intense and full of brilliant forms how much does emotion play into your paintings and what are you feeling when you complete a piece?

Danielle-I’m far more of a thinker than a feeler in that sense. Emotions with me are something conducted en route to another place. A release or alert to and from the mind. Emotions play a huge role but they are a part to something else. I don’t create on impulse. If I am sitting down to create a piece its one I have thought about long before I come to the painting of it. During the actual painting my process has me in drive mode. there is a bit of a disconnect as to feeling present in a broad sense,its more like working with a machine.Bit by bit to the greater goal. I would compare it to someone deciding to hold their breath for ten seconds.You decide that’s the length of time you will do it and you are only thinking about achieving that & getting to that ten.Until you do, there is no satisfaction. Just drive. Your are a-lined to that end moment through the entire journey. That’s how I work with my pieces. I decide my expression and keep concentrate forward til I hit ten. It can be intense. The focus is extreme. I know many people paint in a very calm or therapeutic way,but that just isn’t what it does for me. For me its an evolution.


5 thoughts on “Vault of Expression- Just past imagination An Interview Danielle Davis

  1. Wonderful interview! “In my view it is the closest thing we have to understanding the concept of the infinite.” That is a wonderful explanation of the depth, meaning, and importance of art.

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