The River Review ~ Variations on Emotional Suicide ~ Wurdz

JANUARY 13, 2012 BY 

Welcome to the first, official River Review.  This monthly post will feature the work of poets and writers from around the web who have recently brought their work to publication.  We all know how frustrating it can be trying to carve an income in words, and we hope to help spread the word and build the hype, especially for those who have ventured into the waters of self publishing. We here at The River share with you the same ambitions, hopes and dreams and we are hoping that together, we can all better reach them.

Today’s reading comes to us compliments of a fantastic word weaver. His tweets we’re poetry enough to peak my interest, so when I saw he was bringing his work to print, I was ready to stand in line to order. Wurdz, a Cincinnati poet, cites influences by Poe, Bukowski and Hughes, and these influences can be found layered throughout his premiere collection.

Variations on Emotional Suicide, (Instant Publisher) is presented bound in a beautiful, black, high gloss cover. The illustration and presentation of the work alone makes it a joy to dive into.

With mature content peppered throughout the collection, Variations is a whirlwind of emotions. The author’s voice is at times, painfully honest, touching parts of the reader that may well surprise them. It is a journey of relationships, self-discovery and raw truth.  He tackles broken heart, self-doubt, addiction…so many things, so many can relate to.

Ultimately, this is a collection of hope. From the book jacket;  Searing, bold, provocative. These words barely scratch the surface of what is shared in this contagious collection of prose.  From the highs and giddy fascination of love’s first bite, to the emotional drain of heartache and rejection. No emotion is overlooked…

For readers who look for truth and honesty in their prose, wurdz rises to the challenge.  It is a slow, insightful read that invites you in, and doesn’t let go until the last page is read.  A wonderful experience in free~form prose, this is a must add to any appreciator of modern word weavers and their work.

Visit wurdz at his web page here

Order your own copy of Variations on Emotional Suicide here

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and if all else fails…you can always find him blogging here

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