Diana Hill

Having been through the deep waters
And the dunking and the gasping
And barely keeping my head above the waves;
Having walked through the fire,
trembling with fear
But holding tight to your hand;

Weary and weeping
Battered and drained,
I long to ask you,
“Am I gold yet?”

Born in Chicago, raised in Wauwatosa and Houston, Diana finally ended up in Duluth – a perfect city on a great lake. She began writing 20 years ago when faced with hearing loss and other difficulties, trying to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks. The result is her poems. The poems are mostly joyful, sometimes funny (What does a cat think?), full of romance, angst, and overcoming. She believes that poets should love their poem so much, that when they re-read it years later, it thrills them all over again.


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