Up Close ~ A Chat with Brian Miller on Community ~One Stop Poetry and d’Verse Poets Pub

by River Urke ~

A couple of weeks ago, one of the larger poetry communities online had a startling turn of events with a surprising death and an exciting birth. Unexpectedly, people within the team of One Stop Poetry (2011 Shorty award) were resigning at an alarming rate. There was no talk about replacing the team. The poetry group was ending. Then word began spreading of a new group being formed with community in mind. The same week One Stop Poetry prepared for its last night dVerse Poets Pub had their debut with their OpenLinkNight. Their event was very similar to One Stop’s One Shot Wednesday. A coincidence, no, a smart move on behalf of dVerse. One Shot Wednesday was One Stop’s most popular event. In edition, dVerse Poets Pub was created and founded by two of the former team of One Stop, Brian Miller and Claudia Schoenfeld.

That brings me to the Up Close and my chat with Brian Miller. Initially, I asked if I could interview him about the creation of One Stop Poetry. Well, that idea grew with the events that transpired before our first Skype call into a closer look at both poetry groups. Brian happens to be the one person that was involved in the creation of One Stop Poetry and dVerse Poets Pub. I conducted two interviews with Brian via Skype. I  recorded our conversations and then transcribed his words to share with all of you.

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