Andrew Scott ~ Villenelle

Do Not See

Feel you looking at me
with those exploring eyes.
You truly do not see.

Exploring like a busy bee,
curiosity in you on the rise.
Feel you looking at me.

Every soul has a personal key.
Make up that covers lies
you truly do not see.

Wish you would just flee
instead of searching through the cries.
Feel you looking at me

The bruises that are part of my decree
are deeper than the skin applies.
You truly do not see.

Who I truly am would surprise,
never will you get past the disguise.
Feel you looking at me,
you truly will never see.

Andrew Scott is a Canadian Native.  He is a reviewer for literature and music on and hosts ReVerse, an international on-line classic poetry radio program. Andy’s eclectic poetry style has been featured in numerous publications worldwide.

His book of Poetry and Prose “Snake With A Flower” is available now at the following location:

Contact : Just A Maritime Boy


2 thoughts on “Andrew Scott ~ Villenelle

  1. This maritime girl is loving your villanelle…you’ve tamed a form that has been the bane of my existence and made it appear effortless…loved it!

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