Writers Corner: Can You See Me?

This is a behind the scenes ‘Writer’s Corner’ piece on the recent Poetry Slam and Poetry Contest, both presented in May by the Literary Lounge.
Previously as a viewer/reader/listener of poetry slams my only job per se was to enjoy myself, another words sit back and read with a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening, or if you have time, the afternoon. Reading, choosing the best can be enjoyable and challenging as poetry can be written on so many levels, from simple to extremely difficult in the format with rhythm and rhyme. And speaking, well that’s more like acting. Hey, call in the voice coach, immediately!
My recent experience behind the scenes for the Poetry Slam was not too daunting as our entries for May were only two. The editor and I prepped the blog, The Literary Lounge, with an announcement and Mr. Blinky was used for the audios and voting. In the end, first and second places were chosen, both being of excellent quality. The interest is high with more than a hundred views of the announcement, so either viewers are short of time or need further information to post.
The written poetry contest presented with around twelve poems and this was my first time ever judging a contest like this. I read through all the poems, listing their number if I liked it, pure and simple. This cut the selection in half. Next up, I selected three which each had something unique about them; one was eloquently written, another simple and understandable, yet a third induced that feeling of soaring through the trees. The writing prompt was a picture of a American bald eagle.
Lastly, I decided which poem would be understood and liked by most viewers, including myself. Poetry is unique to the writer and the reader with multiple interpretations at times, like paintings poems can be very subjective. Simply, it’s what you bring, your being, your essence that will decide the fragrance to be inhaled.


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