Writers Corner: 2012 Spring Challenge Winner

Did You Know ~

2011 Spring Challenge Winner


By Mark Windham

This is not me —

not what I was meant for —

in a cage of wire and wood,

tethered to the ground

and fed by hand.

I was intended to soar,

free from the constraints

of earth,

to mount the wind,

rise effortless on thermals,

to capture the power

of gravity as I plummet

silently upon my prey,

then defy it’s pull as I

power to the skies.

The wing feels good,

strong. Release me

so that I may fly,

hunt and

once again be free.

We are happy to introduce to you the winner of The River’s 2011 Spring Challenge!! We had a total of 15 entries, but it was Mark Windham and his poem entitled “Wounded” which was this year’s winner.

Mark Windham was born in Mississippi; and lived throughout the south eastern United States most of his life.

  He currently lives NW of Atlanta, Georgia; where he has lived since 1994. Mark is married with three children (20, 13, and 9) and three dogs.

  Mark’s current favorite expression is poetry; most of his poetry tends to have a story line base. Although he does tend to lean toward the genre of poetry; he also does spend some time writing short stories and flash fiction. He also has a novel length fantasy piece on the drawing board; which he is working on and hopes to complete this year.

  Mark’s blog www.awakenedwords.wordpress.com is primarily used as an outlet for his poetry and short fiction pieces. He has also had additional pieces published on; Postcard Shorts, The Misty Mountain Review, The North Georgia Winter and The Book Times. He also has a piece that will be published in the August issue of Dead Mule Society of Southern Literature.

  I hope all of our readers get an opportunity to enjoy the fabulous writing of Mark Windham!


7 thoughts on “Writers Corner: 2012 Spring Challenge Winner

  1. I will reveal inside info….. this was the easiest voting we have had with contests. Mark, your poem was a favorite of many. Great job. Deserved win!

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