Edition 2 – Issue 1 ~ June 8, 2012

Welcome to our Anniversary Issue

A year has gone by since I began this endeavor with two women. An endeavor I never imagined would grow as big, especially as fast.  I watched The River grow from a paper to a journal as I worked with wonderful people from around the world. I learned an immense amount of knowledge from computer to leadership skills running the journal. I want to thank all the writers that have contributed their time and words to The River.  All creative writing and art contributors, Thank You.

We begin our second year with an Issue of interviews in Beyond the Surface with Helene Fischman, JohnnyK, and some of our team. Helene Fischman’s photo-poetry is featured along with the poetry of Brigitte Goetze.

Thank you for all your support.

We are taking the summer off from new issues. There will be two best of the first year issues. Then we will be back in September.

In addition, we are publishing a best of poetry & art book that will be ready at the end of July.

Brush Strokes & Ink Spots- The First Year

Have a wonderful Summer!
or Winter!  🙂 River


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