Behind Their Words: TWOWOLVZ

After a bit of difficulty aligning schedules for an interview with writer, poet, singer-songwriter and video producer Tommy Twowolvz, we managed.  I’m glad.  I found myself wishing for a long evening and a comfortable chair.  Oh yeah, and a guitar!

The River: Thank you for allowing us to have a glimpse behind the words.  Let’s start with the pen name you use here at the River Journal: TWOWOLVZ.  What’s up with that?

TWOWOLVZ: When I was 7, my parents brought us along on a trail ride they were going on.  The people hosting it had two hybrid wolves and we were told to stay away from the pen.  Well, when they went off and the baby sitter got side-tracked with 8 other kids, I snuck in.  Long story short: When they got back 3 hours later, I was asleep with my head on the side of one of them.  I have been Tommy Two Wolves ever since.

The River: Cool story!  Tell us some more about yourself, where you’ve lived, your favorite form of expression in terms of writing…

TWOWOLVZ: I was born in Columbus, Ohio.  By age 2, we moved to Minnesota.  By age 10, I was put in the Red Wing State Training School (the same reform school as Bob Dylan was put in) for stealing a truck to run away from home.  My sister and I were adopted and our step dad was…let’s just say: the devil in disguise.  By 12, I ran away to Los Angeles, California and raised myself on the streets till I was 23 when I worked my way into a much better life.

(Enough right there for a whole series of interviews!)

TWOWOLVZ: I eventually got my act together.  Went to Los Angeles Community College for a 2 year degree in broadcasting.  Did nothing with it…(lol).

The River: And what’s your favorite form of expression in terms of writing?

TWOWOLVZ: I love to write in sedoka.

The River: Sedoka?

(Sedoka is a form of Japanese poetry consisting of two tercets of five, seven, and seven syllables–not nearly as common as haiku, unless of course, you live in the 8th century. Listed below are links to two sedoka poems written by TWOWOLVZ.)

summer search the winter dream

Day Dream

TWOWOLVZ: My second favorite form of expression is writing songs or turning some of my poetry into song and video.  You can find my favorite, Lying Eyes, on YouTube.

The River: I’ve listened to it.  Good song.  Nice job on the video too.

TWOWOLVZ: It’s about growing up on the streets.

The River: Yes, you really seem to have captured the grittier side of urban life there.  We’ll share that YouTube video link with the readers:

lying eyes

The River: Do you have a blog or any publications?

TWOWOLVZ: I’ve got a blog at

The River: Publications?

TWOWOLVZ: I’ve received a few poetry awards and I’m working on a biography called Hollywood beyond the Glitter.  At some point, when life slows down, I’d love to write with the intent to publish but I’ve yet to be published.

The River: It’s nice that you have an opportunity to reach readers through this journal.  Tell us how you got started writing for The River.

TWOWOLVZ: I started writing for The River a few months ago.  It was fun being out of my element and trying to bring an interesting story.  I was a fan of the river right from jump street.  It’s a great format so I wanted to fit in.  I think I did…

The River: You’ve certainly done that.  But what is it that you get out of contributing The River?  Or, for that matter, writing in general.

TWOWOLVZ: As far as writing in general, I feel a great sense of accomplishment writing and releasing everything that wants to come out of my head, heart and soul.  It’s just something i need, want and have to do.  As far as writing for The River, I love the challenge of a much different style of writing.  I like the research.  And I love the boss…(lol).

The River: Thank you for the interview but, before we wrap this thing up, what haven’t we discovered about TWOWOLVZ that the readers might find of interest?

TWOWOLVZ: I love to draw and hike and camp…and words and music of all types.  I’m in a happy place in my life, very much in love with Miss River, working hard as a cook at a great restaurant, and creating when I can.

The River: You’re an interesting guy, Tommy Two Wolves.  I’ll be in line for the autobiography.

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