Behind their Words: SHEILA MOORE

I had the privilege of interviewing The River’s own photo editor, Sheila Moore and here’s the inside scoop of the lady behind the lens.
Self professed introvert, Sheila Moore, lives in the Midwest part of the United stated with her husband and daughters. She joined The River team in November of 2011 as the Photography Editor, where she creates graphic art and written several articles as well. She is living her childhood dream of becoming a writer.

I’m including her own “un-minced” words as there is no one better to express their inner self, than the person in question.

1. Is the River your “embankment” or your ship to another shore?
What I enjoy most about serving The River is the opportunity it provides me to meet and interact with many talented artists whose works deserve more publicity. I am honoured to be in a position to offer them just that! As photography editor, my exposure to the art world is greatly enhanced which has been an asset to my own development as an artist.

2. What is your favourite expression of writing?
I am an introvert, so written communication has always come more easily to me than verbal. I am also analytical and introspective, as most writers are. Poetry is my favourite expression of writing because of the way it guides the reader along any number of paths depending on which poetic form and devices the poet uses, or in which way he structures the format of free verse. Poetry also allows me to express my emotions without having to explain or justify them. I can merely lay them out “as is” with no pressure to reveal the catalyst. For me, this adds an air of mystery, and keeps the message general, in a way with which most readers can identify (kind of like horoscopes or fortune cookie messages. J)

3. Do you have any other creative outlets?
I am a graphic artist honing my photography craft, and dabbling with acrylic paints. I enjoy using technology to create website designs, logos, animation, and photo art. I recently released a line of greeting cards using my own photography. This, along with the rest of my photography portfolio, is listed on Redbubble (

4. Do you have a blog?
My poetryblog is She’s Writing ( and my photography-artblog is Aberrant Art (

5. Any publications?
My poems have been published online and in print anthologies. I am currently working with an undisclosed publisher on a selection of my work chosen for their upcoming poetry book. My photography has most recently been accepted for publication in upcoming issues of Grae Magazine and Mused Literary Magazine.
I have written for Writer’s Digest on how to create animated poetry, and for dVerse Poets Pub. In 2011, I published my first poetry collection, Shaping Time. Shaping Time’s2nd edition is now available at Amazon.

When asked where she sees herself in 5 years’ time, she stated:”Five years from now, I hope to still be creating art and writing poetry. My aspirations are not grand because I am doing exactly what I want to do right now, and that’s a beautiful thing!” (Love that answer)

From the inkpad into the heart of The River.
William Gaylord


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