Writings from Artful Thought Project

Girl from Haiti
by Megan

I can tell that the little girl is very happy. How can I tell that she is happy??? By the way her eyes light up! The little girl also looks very relieved, like something has caused her much stress and she was depressed! But in this picture she looks like she is going to be okay now and now she doesn’t have anymore worries! I can also see confidence, like she is the one to take charge in her family and have confidence. She looks very joyful! It looks like she is having fun, also excited. But it also looks like she has been through some tough times and is now just getting over them.


Girl from Haiti
by Kristan

I feel happiness in my heart and in my soul.
I’m so happy that someone came and fixed my broken heart.
Someone really must love me.
At least someone cares for me.


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