by William Gaylord

Do animals feel? What a question!?

Now, please be advised that this statement’s resounding “YES” will of
course be totally biased as I am a 100% animal lover and advocate for
the existence in the emotions of animals.

We have this little guy that reigns king in our house. He is a mixed
breed between a dachshund and a fox terrier by the name of Poena. He
has what you would call “Tastic eyes”.
The type of eyes that look at you with such endearment, mischief
and sometimes blatant manipulation; which always results in him
getting whatever his canine heart desires – much to the chagrin of his
human counterpart siblings.

But of course….he is forgiven more easily.

Looking towards other species in the mammalian family, one that
certainly stands out for me is the elephant.

Have you noticed how a mother, quite honestly, a whole herd, can rule
over one teeny-tiny-albeit huge calf? Even if he is misbehaving, he
will be sure to be spanked with a trunk and quickly put into his

Now, animal behaviourists will certainly tell you that this is part of
discipline. Well, whatever they’re doing, it’s working. I have yet to
see a hormonal drunk teenage bull.

Oh, my gosh!
I’ve just realised that I have indeed!!

Young bulls go on rampage at the ages of between sixteen and twenty.
Hormonal! Lol!
In South Africa we have a Marula tree and when summer is over, the
fruit fall off and ferment in the midday sun. Thus, creating a “summer
marula-tini” and leaving these “lads” with quite a hangover the next
day. Sounds familiar, guys? And gals?

Depression, love, lust, kindness, moodiness, selfishness, spitefulness
and more – both sides of the yin and the yang, have been proven in
most animals.

“Human” traits?
We can’t even state “animalistic”, because lo and behold….

Scientists have proven even FISH have clinical depression!

Feel? Definitely! But then again, it’s only MY OPINION.



  1. And I so agree with your opinion. Anyone who loves an animal knows that they think, and feel. Sad dog eyes are the saddest eyes in the world. I would so love to see the animals of Africa. The fermented fruit story is hilarious.

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