Movie and Book Review

by Sherry Blue Sky~~


Kids, this documentary really hit me in the heart. I am a lover of the wild, and the wild needs and deserves to be free. The Elephant in the Living Room , directed by Michael Webber, shines the spotlight on the American subculture of raising exotic animals as domestic pets.

It tells the true story of two men on either side of the debate who meet concerning the fate of a pair of adult lions. Police Officer Tim Harrison, whose friend was killed by an exotic pet, investigates reports of lions that had broken loose from inadequate facilities, and were running on the highway. Their owner, Terry Brumfield, is an aging man in poor health who loves the lions, but is unable to house or care for them properly. By the time the officer arrives, the lions have spent five months cooped up in a very small horse trailer. The mother lion has just given birth to four cubs, two of whom survive .

The documentary follows efforts to improve housing for the lions, and the police officer assists with this. But then, as is captured horribly on film, the male lion is electrocuted by faulty wiring that sent a charge through the wet floor of the cage. (This scene about did me in.)

Brumfield is then faced with what has been obvious to the viewer from Minute One, that if he really loves the lions who are left, he must let them go. A lion sanctuary where they can roam free within miles of fenced, safe, free-range area, is found in Colorado.

The film also lifts the curtain on the wholesale warehousing and undercover auctioning of all manner of exotica: baby monkeys (one of them TWO WEEKS OLD, with the most terrified little faces!), snakes, including boa constrictors, cobras, hooded vipers, pythons – being bought by daddies to “toughen up” their little boys. The snakes were kept in Tupperware bowls, and sent home to the bidders to homes across America.

This film is disturbing. But I always say, if the animals can live it, I can bear witness. Because the more people know, hopefully the more we will INSIST upon legislation for kind respectful care for EVERY animal and creature, wild and domestic, including  liveable conditions for  those raised At factory “farms”. Not to mention the poor terrified victims of medical science experimentation.

This film will fire your activism. That’s a promise.

Book Review-  THE BOND: Our Kinship with Animals, Our Call to Defend Them byWayne Pacelle

A must read for animal  activists.  Pacelle is the President of The Humane Society of the United States. Anyone who cares about animals, and especially animal activists, should not miss reading this book. Pacelle discusses every aspect of human relationships with animals. He shines a light on   the horrors of the slaughterhouse, factory “farming”, medical animal research, and the seal killing fields. He explores our deep connection with animals, and how humankind has betrayed that bond.  In sharing moving stories that demonstrate the emotional lives of animals, Pacelle asks us to re-examine our acceptance of current (and abhorrent) practices. It is a call to arms for anyone who loves animals. Once we know what the animals endure, we can raise our voices in protest for our voiceless and suffering fellow-creatures. We can demand legislation that will protect the helpless, so animals can enjoy the same rights to a basic quality of life that we do.

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3 thoughts on “Movie and Book Review

  1. There was quite a tragedy in Ohio this past year where the owner let his wild animals free and then killed himself. It was a huge story, don’t know the inns and outs but, recently the remaining animals still alive were returned to the wife. Tragically many were shot. As you can imagine, panic among townspeople and fear set in. Actually I’m shocked that there were that many animals at one person’s home.

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