-Edition 1 ~ Issue 39 ~ Friday May 11, 2012-

Voices of Nature brings a closer look at our fellow animal companions, our pets. What is the legality of exotic pets?? Is there a connection between wolves, dogs, and humans? Do animals have feelings? We cover these questions plus even more in this May Issue along with an Artful Thought project, and a Real Life Story.  We are featuring the prose of Jeff Dupuis and the writings of the Artful Thought Project. In addition, we feature the photography of Marco, Brambleberries Photography, and the paintings of the Artful Thought Project.

I have some exciting news to bring you for the coming summer months. Next month is The River’s one year anniverisity. In that year, we have had many wonderful writings of article and poem, art of photography and painting, interviews, and projects. It would be sad to leave it at that so, we are going to print. Publish a book of the best of The River. Stay tuned for more details.

We are continually open for poetry, art, and photography submissions.

Next month, we will feature the winners of our spring contests. The winner of our Spring Writing Challenge will be announced on Twitter and Facebook next week. The upcoming Spring Poetry Slam will be announced the same way. The Poetry slam is on the 17th over at the Literary Lounge,


We would love to hear your thoughts :)

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