~~There was a time….

A time humans lived in accordance of Nature. They lived in the inter-connective web of life until life changed and humans removed themselves. Some say the turning point was the invention of the plow. Of course, religion was involved in the division of humans and nature too. A divide that has happened at different times with different people around the world. Even before the divide people began domesticating animals for the purpose of work, food, and protection.

There was a time…

they walked side by side
through paths of ancient past
free and spiritually tied
in a bond of kinship

they walked side by side
conversing as siblings do
sharing hunts and hides
until the day came to live

the day they walked at bay
as respectful neighbors do
minding there own way
living among each other
…always knowing.

then life changed showing
white stones of pride
spreading an ever growing
bed of arrogance.

leaving the paws to hide
stained red

there was a time
we walked side by side.

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Darwin speculates that tame wolves selected themselves as domestic dogs over many generations and over time a symbiotic relationship developed between people and dogs. They could benefit from each other. As their relationship progressed, humans began to breed from the tame wolves the dogs we know today.

Darwin’s speculations in comparison with the oral history of my people, the Ojibwe, are similar in the way of work and food but not on the relationship of the two animals. The symbiotic relationship did not develop between dogs and humans that bond had always been there since the days they walked side by side.

The companionship of dogs and humans is a bond taking very seriously by the dog. They have an unconditional love for their owners that goes beyond themselves. Being a pack animal their owner(s) become their world to protect and love. People on the other hand go either way. There are animal lovers of various kinds and there are animal haters to extreme. “Conservative estimates state there are between 240 million and 260 million domesticated dogs in the United States, with as many as 75 million abuse cases each year. This works out to roughly 85% of all domesticated dogs suffering some form of abuse, whether that’s food deprivation, physical abuse (beating), or breeding abuse (i.e., caging animals 24 hours a day except for mating).”**

Dogs remember the sacred bond no matter how many breedings are in between.~




The wolf remembers as he peers down the hill at the city and howls.





Will humans ever remember?
They are animals too.

Read more about animal abuse at: * * *at Wiki.answers

pictures from google images


2 thoughts on “~~There was a time….

  1. River, you KNOW how much I love and appreciate this article. I remember a time my wolf-pup and I were in the forest – he was far ahead of me and I heard him cry out. Then he galloped back to me and turned, to sit facing the trail behind us, to protect me from danger. He had been stabbed by some young guys down at the river. Horrible. He survived, but I found in that moment of extreme danger to himself, his one thought was to defend me.

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