The River Review ~ Stumbled & Standing

Stumbled and Standing…a story of overcoming

The thing I love most about poetry is its ability to let us into the head and the heart of another.  We get to experience vicariously, lives, secrets, shadows, pain, hope and success.  Poet River Urke provides us a taste of every human emotion in Stumbled and Standing ~ From Diagnosis to Acceptance.

While this collection is tailored specifically to those who are suffering from MS or their family, it is a story of survival that will inspire all.  River writes with an honesty that is at times almost uncomfortable, as she shares her story. From coming to terms with the diagnosis, to challenges and hurdles that she has had to overcome, River draws the reader into her experience, bringing forth compassion, tears and perhaps most amazingly, laughter.  Her’s is a tale of survival, one that has the happiest of moments as well as the darkest.

The poetry is strong, the prose endearing and the personal essays shared throughout the work will have you laughing and crying with the author. A personal favorite found in the section titled The Stranger Effect …

Am I Drunk

I look in your face
stumbling from the car
purposely forgetting my cane.

Unmistakable instant judgment
is scribbled across your starring
glare while you grab your phone
frowning towards my daughter.

I laugh and turn back to my car
parked in the Handicap zone.
I grab my cane to pass you again
watching you stop the call
not wanting to look at all.

I cannot resist muttering,
So, you think I’m drunk
Well sorry, I have MS.

The poem above is just one example of the tribulations the author has had to overcome in her struggles. But the heart of this poet beats strong, and hers is a tale of victory.

For those who want to touch and feel a human heart, to celebrate personal milestones through the eyes of the author and to feel the taste of victory as a full life is won over the obstacles of living that come with such a diagnosis, Stumbled and Standing is a highly recommended read.

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2 thoughts on “The River Review ~ Stumbled & Standing

  1. I have read and reread this collection (note the poor spine in the photo!) Every read I find another morsel to savor. It’s such an amazing journey and a testament to healing words.

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