Editors Corner ~ Leaps and Bounds

We dove into the deep waters on an expansion of time taking risks of volumes and threads of closure. We passed through channels to a monthly spot of journals standing in a group of quality. The swim was long with surprising depths and sights of faithful companionship. A journey with tests questioning desires and commitments. A realization of truth bringing a release of some and a gain of others…………Welcome ….. our new team members from the US Jane Freeman, JV Myka, and Doug Peterson and from South Africa William Wiggins.

The move from weekly to monthly has doubled the size of the publication leaving readers no choice but to come back at a later time to finish the journal. We will be sending out reminders just for that reason. Also, there is The River Guide to explain how to read The River located at the top of a page to the right.

Next month shall be a fun Issue with Voices of Nature taking a closer look at the world of pets from personal story to information on the legality of exotic animals/pets.


We are in the middle of reorganizing our poetry submissions filing so, re-submissions is open for now. The submissions will be following a monthly system where the March submissions will be published in May or not at all. Unless, you hear otherwise from one of us. For further details go to submissions.


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