DiD you Know~ censorship a good laugh

George Carlin was arrested after this skit in 1971 for reciting his seven words you “cant say” on TV.

The same words Lenny Bruce was arrested for reciting in 1966 but he said them in alphabetical order. Many people have challenged the right to free speech over the years; although, no other two have caused the Supreme Court and the F.C.C as severe of headaches as Lenny Bruce and George Carlin in there fight for freedom of speech.

Lenny was arrested many times for obscenity charges, disturbing the peace, and two drug charges. He was acquitted on the first because they were prescribed to him …hmmm. He was acquitted for the second drug charge too. Oddly enough, the investigating officer was arrested 3 months later.  Another……. hmmmm. Both of these arrests are on the heals of his first and second obscenity. On October 4, he was arrested for obscenity for saying the words cocksucker. In the actual court records the prosecutor and attorneys all used the words “Blah Blah Blah” Later Lenny did a very funny skit on it. You can find it here.

George Carlin is a legend hands down. Hysterical in 72, he was arrested for disturbing the peace by reciting what he called the seven words you cant say on radio or television. In 73 he released his second album called Occupation: fooling a local radio station broadcast it uncensored and the F.C.C decided that it was to obscene for that time of day. hmm….

Five long years later, the supreme court ruled in favor of the F.C.C  basically saying broadcasters could air “indecent” material but not “obscene” material between 10pm and 6am. So, while we have come a ways we have a ways to go. Some of the infamous 7 are now or at least have been used on TV.  Tits was used in 1990 on The Trails of Rosie O’Neill and of course on Jimmy Kimmel, Mark Harmon said the word shit. The word piss over used in the 80’s on Chicago Hope and in the new millennium fuck was sues in the program Scared Straight. Also, fuck can be heard on some 911 documentaries. So, depending on who you are we have indeed come a long way ……hmmmm


3 thoughts on “DiD you Know~ censorship a good laugh

  1. I heard the ‘f’ word on MTV last year like multiple times and I was shocked. I think the young people say it for effect, like strength or something. It’s fairly common it seems, so then the effect is lessened. What do you think?I love George Carlin, he gets right to the point.
    Last point, I think school age children should not be exposed to excessive vulgarity as we really don’t want a bunch of poddy mouths, do we?

  2. Interesting article, although clearly censorship is picky about some issues over others. You may not be able to swear on tv before 9 but you can certainly air footage of sexualised pop stars gyrating about!

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