Charles Bane, Jr

What I Whisper

What I whisper
is not single celled
but a colony and trees
bent in light leaving from
their stems wash the depths
of me. I am stunned when
morning comes; dew beads
every blade, and we who
loved the night shadows
are painted green.

Forever Now And All I Might Have

Forever now and all I might have
been. I have never loved like
this. Never everything. Never from
town to town, or where I lay asleep,
Or my hand straight and deer watching
as they take, hollowed before dark
and venturing to where day breaks.

Charles Bane, Jr is a widely published poet. His work has appeared in The Criterion: An International Journal In English, Durable Goods, Clutching At Straws and, among others,. His first book of poetry, The Chapbook: Poems by Charles Bane, Jr. ( Curbside Splendor) appeared in July, 2011. A new collection  will be published by Curbside Splendor in Fall, 2012.


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