Opinion~ What’s Wrong with Us?

There is something inherently wrong with our social system.  Everyone knows this, but seldom have I seen that put into context in any understandable way.  My view is that democracy and the market economy don’t mix well.  Democracy, by itself, is a good thing.  The market economy, by itself, is a good thing.  Its when the market economy runs the democracy that things go bad.  Its like the tail wagging the dog.  Democracy must be driven by the least of the people for it to run with efficiency.  When it is run by the rich it does not bode well for the poor.  So why do we keep electing rich people to run the government?  Because we look up to them?  After all, they’re rich, they must be doing something right.  Right?  No, its actually that the rich are the only ones with enough money to run a campaign.  The only ones with time enough to travel around getting votes.  Democracy used to be a small thing, here in this country.  Everybody knew everybody else and could make assessments of each other based on personal involvement.  Now, personal involvement does not exist, except among the “high and mighty.”  It is the lack of personal involvement that creates avenues for advertisement to take over.


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