Editors Corner~ Life is a Balance

The seasonal cycle continues revolving as Spring knocks in the north and Fall dives into the south. The River reaches it’s tenth month of publications with the 37th Issue. I would like to take a moment and thank the writers of the journal today and the ones of yesterday for all their hard work and dedication. Without all of them volunteering their time through the months The River would not be what it is today. Thank You!

Now with that said, we have decided not to change the journal to a bi-weekly publication instead, we are going to go all out. The River from this month forward will be a monthly publication. We will have a new Issue for you on the second Friday of every month. There will be four new themes rotating with a variety of our columns and specials. You will find along the side  an email subscription that will sign you up for notifications of our publications.

writers and artists- We are looking for works related to the censoring of expression for the next Issue. Of course, we will still accept works in all subjects. Please refer to our submission guidelines.

writers- Would you like to write for The River? click here for more information

Thank you for all your support!


We would love to hear your thoughts :)

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