David Bright

For All the World to See

In front of me on the morning road
Appears a bulging green trash bag
As I swerve to avoid it I wonder
What’s inside? Surely much more than trash
It brings to mind the enemy body on display
On the dusty village road so long ago
Last night they found a newborn baby
Alive in a dumpster
This could be a baby too
Wrapped in blankets and quilts by
Someone who cared but did not care
Could be a disheartened, dismembered lover
Or a gangland canary who knew too much

Behind me cars swing around it
But suddenly the wheels of a black truck
Smash it
What comes out are not bones, blood or song
Instead, pieces of white paper
Love letters, perhaps, whose time has passed
Explode into the air
For all the world to see
Like flakes of snow they flutter down
Soon to be dirtied by the business of the day.

David Bright has seen his work published short fiction and poetry in 100 Word Story, flashquake, The Café Irreal, Nuvein Magazine, The Iconoclast and elsewhere.


3 thoughts on “David Bright

  1. Very nice David. I love how something simple connects or might connect to so many possibilities. Thank you for sharing.

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