River Urke & Thomas Blackwolf

Winner of the video recording category of The February Poetry Slam at The Literary Lounge

The best characterization of River and Tommy would be that of a couple of survivors, finding their way together despite all obstacles encountered. They are two complex artists, combining their arts and hearts, and you can find more about each of them on their pages – River’s A Pocket of Agates and Tommy’s Wanderings of a Poetic Mind.


8 thoughts on “River Urke & Thomas Blackwolf

  1. Enchantment came to mind when I heard the two of you together, I hope we can expect more. I can’t wait to watch the direction you travel together, and I can’t wait to meet you, Tommy. Well done to both of you.

  2. Lawrence, thank you for your sweet words. You will meet him soon my good friend. We have to plan a road trip to come and see you and the fam. I know the two of you will hit it off. 🙂

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