Opinion~ OMG, Save Yourself

When I think of community small towns and tight knit neighborhoods come to mind where people help each other out and everyone knows one another. Children are outside riding bikes and jumping rope, neighbors are invited for a night of cards, and events are planned to involve the whole community. A world run on individualism conjures up opposite images where people care only for themselves and fear trumps nearly everything. Children are inside watching TV and playing video games, neighbors barely greet one another in passing, and events as a whole are nonexistent.

The society I live in is a mix of the two, though in many regards it leans toward individualism more than communalistic. I live in the US where fear dictates and selfishness is prevalent. Of course, the degree these are found among the people depends on the location along with other variables.

There is one example of individualistic behavior that stands out in my mind amongst the many I have witnessed in my life. The example oozes with selfishness and happened to be set in a small town. There was this grandmother thrilled about a mega Walmart coming to her area. I mentioned how sad that was because of the affects it will have on the smaller businesses and the slave labor the cheaper prices cause in other countries especially with children. That was the last thing she wanted to hear. She told me she didn’t care all she wanted was cheaper food.

There is nothing like a spring day to motivate people to join in their community. Every May a collaboration of groups, hold the May Day Parade. A fun and colorful event people from all lifestyles gather on the street to watch together. They put aside their hesitation of strangers laughing and chatting with the people around them. I love these moments when community comes alive.


One thought on “Opinion~ OMG, Save Yourself

  1. So many times we store away our private selves while donning the masks that deflect public scrutiny. Community is a dangerous place to expose true selves until we find that special community that accepts who we are. Good observations, River, I’m sure the tales we grow together through The River will benefit many.

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