New! Mindless Philosopher ~ A Dichotomy Defined

The safety of numbers or the freedom of individuality, or is there another way?

I look at the world considering what the word community means today, mixing in money driven minds and hearts so callous.  I think back on the tribal communities of the past, and even the present, and their vulnerable position when met with power driven patriots.  And money, today more so than at any time in the past, means power.  Before money exerted its inexorable influence on the lives of actually free people community was where all could meet with common goals and common thought processes.  Common sense, it is said, isn’t so common anymore, and it is the very existence of commonality that creates community.

In the jungles of Brazil, as has happened in my own community in years past, a flooding is in progress which will displace 24,000 people whose ancestors chose that area for a reason and cultivated their lives around the fruits of the land.  This colonialism has one motive, its all for money and power.  The environment of the area will be changed beyond recognition, the plants, trees and shrubs, vines and flowers, lost.  Animals of many species will also have to move with the people to compete with others for their livelihood, or perish.  And this is for the best?

All of this boils down to a general lack of respect for others, which respect is a thing inherent to communal societies.  If we could just cultivate the respect needed for each of us to feel appreciated I believe that the world would almost instantly become a place where all could live together and give each person the ability to feel that their individuality had value, where they did not need to compromise their ethics, or morals.  Of course, much of this also relies on our own ambitions, and not opportunistic ambition, but ambition to clean up after ourselves as we were all taught as children.  I always loved the book All I Ever Needed To Know I Learned In Kindergarten.  Just the title evinces a sense that complex thought is only valuable to manipulate others, and is not only not necessary, but clearly inappropriate in many venues.  So much would need to change about the way we see the world, what we find important, what really matters, that I cannot help but despair at times.

Again, I look at the world, considering, and I see that most of the population of the earth does not need to make these changes.  I see that there are those whose agendas preclude commonality and pursue, rather, individual gain and tend toward greed and avarice.  Who are these that are gifted with the capacity for such genocide and ignorance?  Am I responsible somehow for their actions?  Do I do anything that supports them in their endeavors?  How can I have any effect on their decisions that has any real meaning?  Do they control so much that I have no recourse but to follow where they lead?  Sometimes it seems so, but I realize there are many opportunities beyond their realm, even though there seems to be less and less wilderness to escape to.  A place where I can be myself.  A place, oddly, away from the community.


9 thoughts on “New! Mindless Philosopher ~ A Dichotomy Defined

  1. Whitebuck1….well I now have more questions as I read this, so reflecting….Okay, I think dual existence. Some people like to have others around, for company, to rely on, social interaction, etc. and others want that quiet existence of solitude. So it’s in who we are that defines where we want to be. Respect.

    • Respect, indeed. You mention want. Some people need their wants fulfilled, others want their needs fulfilled. Respect to me is allowing others to fulfill their needs, helping them to do so, but being able to distinguish between want and need, and where in all that one may impede on the other’s needs.

  2. a great read thank you whitebuck, evidence is every where i use to get so so upset when the Hollywood elite would build houses in the canyon and on Hollywood hill and then proclaim war on the coyotes that use to call that land their home unreal and this goes on every where as the rich move into lands that are indigenous to mother natures creatures wouldn’t it be great if truly all creatures great and small found that happy medium? thanks again

    • Thanks back at ya, Tommy. Bringing to light the indiscretion used against the natural world that some see as their divine right irks me no end. Wildlife is so misunderstood, but then, noone seems to pay much attention when “natural resources” are threatened. After all they’re there for us to use, aren’t they? “Define and control,” that’s the thought pattern we’re up against, and it’s so wrong.

    • Yes, Sheila, two sides to every coin, or even coined saying, what? Seriously, balance comes from not pushing to hard in my exjperience. Proactive behavior tilts the scales, especially when such is done without authority to begin with. In our way of thinking authority can only come from one source, and that’s not from another person, no matter who they are.

      • yes, I know that source and completely agree 🙂 – although, I believe He uses people to do his work, and alas! the confusion begins.

  3. Particularly thought-provoking and timely nowadays for sure. As an advocate of living as simply as possible (both in the day-to-day and in my outlook on things) I really appreciate this.

    I hope that during my lifetime I’ll see a true shifting in prioritizing as far as what’s important.

    Great morning reading, thanks for posting!


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