Editors Corner~ Weeks, Speaks, and Techniques

We accomplished another goal a thousand or so views ago that brought us to calmer waters along our course. We have been riding the rapids for some time producing weekly issues  and now we begin to glide through waters of a slower pace. The change brings a shift at The River that decreases the volume but increases the quality taking the journal forth from weekly to a bi-weekly publication. These changes will begin as of March. We will publish on the 2nd and fourth Friday’s of a month. Thank you for all your support!

Next month for contributors: We are looking for Villenelle’s of any theme and an Artful Thought Project. The Artful Thought Project is our contribution to help build back the imaginations of children through creative activities integrated with literature and art. A project we bring to our neighborhoods. We welcome you to do the same. For more information click here then email the Editor for the Artful Thought Project packet.

A few words about poetry: Poetry is composed by individuals with different levels of talent in an array of forms that branch off in directions of infinite themes. These poems are digested by readers that approach them from a perspective of their experiences and lifestyles. A poem may be loved by one and hated by another even so there are a few that stand out and grab the attention of many. These are the poems that affect a reader in some unforgetable way.


4 thoughts on “Editors Corner~ Weeks, Speaks, and Techniques

  1. Good idea, River. I’m sure this is getting complicated for you exponentially and trying to do too much too quickly could easily cause the quality to be less than expected. Let’s see where this takes us.

  2. It’s quality, not quantity that counts! Weekly or bi-weekly, and excellent on-line literary journal which we all enjoy!

    (BTW, can you clarify from statement above what you are looking for next month–is it ANY Villanelles, and art/photos of man’s best friend, or are you looking for Villanelles about man’s best friend? Thanks.)

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