Did you Know~ Does It Take A Village?

 Life tends to seem so different now than what it was years ago; one must wonder if life got more difficult or if we made it more difficult for ourselves. We have children raising themselves, due to single parent homes or both parents having to work to make ends meet. The rate of violence is skyrocketing while the number of successful marriages declines. Is this a matter of the natural evolution of our society or just how we started separating ourselves from one another?

There was a time when the concept of neighborhoods did not give visual images of violence, drugs, gangs and terminal bullying, but it was a kinship, of sorts. In some neighborhoods, there were actually neighbors who would take on the self imposed roles of the watcher or guardian over children when their respective parents were out or away. The community aided in the upbringing of our children. Of course, this was a time where we knew our neighbors. In a survey I viewed recently it said that 75% of all neighbors did not know the name of the person who lives in the house next door. This is a definite cry from how life was many years ago, without question.

Individualism can appear to have its pro’s; after all we know what we will or won’t do. We rarely second guess our own intentions. Let’s face it we now live in a world where the first thing that we check on is if our neighbor’s are registered sex offenders.

However, I miss the close knit communities we used to have. It is my hope that one day we can go back to loving one another, as it was supposed to be in the beginning.


3 thoughts on “Did you Know~ Does It Take A Village?

  1. Another time or era? We do seem to remember all the good, the good ole days, but other places in the world it was not so good. So for them maybe they are entering some good days, hopefully. America does need to check themselves and look in the mirror, not just the physical but what is important to them in life.

  2. I grew up in the 60’s. I remember when the neighbors cows got out at 1:00 AM during an incredible thunder storm, the neighbor being out of town at a funeral, how all the surrounding neighbors went out to put them back in and repair the fence. The person whose cows got out was never told of this, but when on another occasion someone else’s fence was down, that guy was there to help mend it. We looked after each other back then. Now, when I pass a car broken down on the side of the road, something that I would have never passed without stopping to help way back when, I look with trepitude that someone will think I’ve come to steal something if I stop. I still stop, but the fear is always there.

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