The River Review ~ Where the Butterflies Go

Heather Grace Stewart is a Canadian poet and author who will see her third collection of poetry, Carry on Dancing, released this March in collaboration with Winter Goose Publishing.

Today, I want to take you back to the beginning of her publishing journey.  Heather’s first collection, Where the Butterflies Go, was released in 2008 through Lulu. Since its release, Heather has been donating half of its profits to Unicef Canada to help fund education for children in need.  This is the heart of Heather Grace Stewart.

Butterflies is a glowing example of the vibrancy of this inspiring spirit. From the beautiful presentation of the collection, to the wonderful poetry that awaits the reader.

The inclusion of  ‘At the Arena’, penned in the careful print of a six year old Heather, sums up the passion that started young for this wonderful Canadian poet.  Her ability to engage her reader, to use her words to make them really feel, is a strength that shines throughout the collection.

The first part of the collection, aptly entitled Pain, takes the world face on. Heather’s words trigger sadness, loss and incomprehension, but, these very same words, also inspire hope. This is, in itself, a testament to the quality and strength of her craftsmanship.  The poem ‘Golden Days’, stands out strongly for me.  It’s final lines, looking back to the release of the collection from now, almost rings of prophecy…..

There are dark clouds/Across this Canadian sky

The second part of the book, simply entitled Growth is where you can really see the voice of the poet evolve. The questions that so many of us have; the where, the why of this world, tackled head on with no fear and honest pen.

But it is the finishing collection, her dedication to Family where her spirit and vibrancy just soars.  If you can read The Truth About Marriage or The Truth About Motherhood without relating, even if it is vicariously through her own eyes, I would be more than just a bit surprised.  And as you conclude with the simple realization of Rewind…you can’t help but smile…and go right back to where the journey began.

Visit with Heather here

Become a fan of Heather here

Learn more of her upcoming release compliments of Winter Goose Publishing

As a special aside, you can now order Where the Butterflies Go in print through Amazon and it qualifies as part of their 4 for 3 special and you can also order a digital copy via iTunes here.



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