The Poetry Slam’s New Home

The day has arrived to announce the new location for our Poetry Slams. Gather around as we cut the ribbon and the door opens for all to enter The Literary LoungeThe new home for our multi media Poetry Slams, a Poet Palooza. Come in! You are Welcome to look around. You will find the story of how this all began and a summary of the last slam. Look a little further and you will find directions of where to record and the way to link your poem to join the Poet Palooza.

Our first Poetry Slam for 2012 will be next Tuesday, February 14th. Mark your Calenders and Join us in readings of audio or video. Come and hear the voices behind the poets and vote for the reading that sends chills down your spine. ~~

6 am CST Tuesday, February 14th

Come Join the Fun!


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