Did you know ~ Natural selection among poets

I am going to try to make you visualize a pyramid today.

Each day millions of new poems see the light all around the world, in a variety of languages and in a multitude of styles.

From those millions, each day the internet becomes richer with the outcome of the imagination of thousands of poets, and so many times this happens on small websites, in some obscure corner of the world.

Sometimes, some of the poetic voices emerging from those little known places have the luck to manage to integrate themselves in the major virtual communities of writers and poets, and then they move one step higher towards getting to be known by the world, and thus, to be appreciated for their value. We are now talking about an order of hundreds.

From those, some will be fortunate enough to be discovered – maybe after one lucky submission or maybe after tens and tens of attempts – by the important traditional publishers in this world and they will be pushed upwards; others will struggle and, believing in their own value, will opt for the self-publishing solution; and others will remain just online voices, regardless of the reasons for doing that.

Only a few from all those above come to the point where, due to talent and tenacity and happy circumstances, become world-wide known poets.

Do you ever wonder, when an unknown poet name comes to your attention and you feel the spark of talent in their words, up to what level of the pyramid will they manage to evolve? Or if they won’t just get lost during this natural selection within the world of poetry?


6 thoughts on “Did you know ~ Natural selection among poets

  1. Lovely way to put it and I’ve just arrived to the desert. Haven’t seen the oasis yet, but love being here with all these writers that take the time to pen it. It is something when a certain poem just resonates with yourself, like it speaks for you.

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