Vault of Expression – Anna Montgomery

Painter, writer, digital artist, photographer, composer, and vocalist, Anna Montgomery, brings a vast array of talents to the artistic community.

“As a calculated risk taker, I appreciate the challenge of creating original work in many art forms. Pushing boundaries, exploring the edges of what can be said, what’s effective, and how to best engage an audience, always fascinate me.”

For Montgomery, art is “a spiritual process” that connects her to “the source of creative energy.”  She also views it as “entering into dialogue with other artists refining, exploring, and discussing ideas.”  Visual stimuli from the work of other painters, architecture, and design often inspire her paintings which have been in thirty-six gallery shows.  Psychology, philosophy, literature, and emotion also contribute to her work as a “nonrepresentational artist.”

The Negotiations Never Gained a Foothold 2009 18X24 Acrylic on Board

As a writer, Montgomery finds inspiration in life experiences, philosophy, science, mythology, cinema, psychology, art, mysticism, literature, and the “sense of adventure that accompanies intellectual liberty.”

“In writing, I do the most research and posit critical thinking as a primary motivation for communicating. In my poetry, I try to create layers of meaning and strongly interconnect themes, ideas, and metaphors to spark the thought process in readers. For more experimental work, I am forging new connections between words and thoughts that require the reader to pay close attention to language and association.”

Her digital art and photography are inspired by nature, design, architecture, and cinema. As a vocalist, she focuses on sacred music, opera, and art songs.

While Montgomery is self-taught in painting, writing, photography, digital art, and composing, she has formal training in music, as a flautist and a singer, which began at an early age and continued into her college years. Currently, she composes melody and choral works using a computer software program. However, this does not give her the quality feedback she desires.

“One day I want to afford real musicians and vocalists to capture the full range of expression possible in music. That kind of collaborative process will provide invaluable feedback and improve my skills as a composer.”

She tends to devote most of her time to music and writing, though each creative outlet fulfills a specific need.

“Music has the most emotional uplift for me…it is the art form that I engage in that has the most direct impact on me as a consumer of art. It bridges the gap between appreciation and creation for me. Painting is most necessary for processing and coming to terms with life, it teaches me the most about my mental health. Intellectual stimulation is the primary gift of writing in my life.

In order to complete these varied forays into the arts, I have to devote regular practice to music and writing whereas I tend to go through productive phases with painting, digital art, and photography. Each requires periods of focus and a commitment to arranging my life to make them possible which can cause problems when I need to complete a particularly long project like a book.”

Her current projects include a poetry epic, a screenplay, a 10,000 square foot painting project, photographs from a recent cross-country road trip, composing an opera and a shorter work inspired by a poet, and editing some digital pieces. She recently founded, Chromatopia, LLC, which will publish two individual poets and a collection of poets in the next year, represent artists via an online gallery, and eventually promote experimental music.

Contact Anna Montgomery via email at; online at, on Facebook at Chromatopia LLC and Twitter @Chromatopia_LLC.


2 thoughts on “Vault of Expression – Anna Montgomery

  1. Interesting. I can peer into this piece forever, just delights the senses. Appreciate anyone who’s so multitalented and appreciates so many ways of self-expression.

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