The Music of Poetry ~ The Lyre Effect

No one would deny the claim that music is poetry.  For centuries, poets have taken to their words in song, sound effect, and back ground noise to lend strength to their vision.  Likewise, no one would deny that poetry is music. The sound of the words being spoken, the tone of the speaker’s voice, enhancing ambiance and atmosphere, lyrical and emotional.

The Lyre Effect does just this. We have Stoo, the ambient punk, who also happens to be a seasoned drummer and music producer. We have Heather, the raving Lyre, who also happens to write wonderful poetry.  Together, we have the Lyre Effect, a blend of electronic rock and poetry.

Having never officially met, these fans of each other brought their work together through My Space in 2006, and conduct all their business and dealing online.  2007 saw the release of their debut album Wedding Day and 2009 would see the release of their second project The Dream.

The popularity of the work, this fusion of electronica and spoken word, brings another dimension to the pieces.  As we see this resurgence of the arts, through our ability to share and connect with like-minded spirits, these tried and true methods of presenting the work, digitally enhanced with few limitations, is a resurgence that can be felt in the hearts of those involved .  The Lyre Effect is just one stunning example of how we can unite and bring our works to the doorsteps of appreciators around the world.

Imagine, a poet from the US, a drummer from the UK, joining forces through the ether of the internet. Never meeting in the physical realm, they combine their work to produce beautiful and compelling pieces of original art, that are being enjoyed around the world.  These are the tools that are available to all. These are the unique visions we need to move the arts forward.  We are all but borderless in what we are now able to do.  Fall into the atmosphere of The Lyre Effect, and see if you don’t return to yourself inspired.

Visit their web site for more information and links to their projects here

Or for now, simply enjoy  Imperial Fortress


5 thoughts on “The Music of Poetry ~ The Lyre Effect

  1. I hadn’t heard of this group prior to this, but I must say that I really enjoyed them. I agree with your statement about the correlation between music and poetry. What a great introduction!!

  2. This is terrific! Particularly the “concept” of creativity and inspiration brought together virtually, over miles. It’s something I have a great interest in as I’ve collaborated with visual artists from elsewhere in my writing. And we definitely get a kick out of the Muse working in such wonderful and exciting ways.

    Bravo Stoo & Heather!!

  3. I have thought many times of doing just this, but have yet to find the means, the opportunity, and the appropriate atmosphere to create such dynamic expression. This is excellent! Thank you Natasha for finding this.

  4. fascinating video…the setting, mood, music, characters, words, and fine video editing have come together to tell an interesting story, resulting in a fantastic work of art here. I am particularly fond of dark poetry, so this was right up my alley 🙂

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