Opinion ~ The Lyre Effect

By L.M. Young

The Lyre Effect is group who uses the process of putting poetry to music. I have to admit I was pleased with the sound of the Lyre Effect. It is, after all is not such a novel idea, we have been putting poetry to music for centuries. I enjoy the flow and the way the arrangement sets up the authentic rhythm of the poem. And while I do find it to be a little more like the poetry readings at an artsy or cultural club; I did find it inviting.

This obviously is not for everyone. There are those among us, who do not enjoy poetry, put to music or not. For those individuals I would simply suggest giving it a try and see if maybe it strikes a chord in you. After all you are only using about 3 minutes of your time and if you do enjoy it you have begun widening your horizons.

While I would not call this weird,  I would definitely term it as unique. For myself, personally, this type of music/prose is exactly the premise in which rap music was based on originally. I find it welcoming. I think that giving poetry a melodic flow is pure genius, in that it combines the music world with those poets who may have flown under the radar. I think this idea is one that will take wings and lift off. What do you think?

~~ From my heart to yours


2 thoughts on “Opinion ~ The Lyre Effect

  1. I want to add that for children and talent shows in school this can be added, reading of poetry with music. Many kids want to ‘perform’ on stage and usually it’s the hit songs. One year my daughter and her friend read two poems on stage and they got one of the loudest applauses that night. It was something I’ll always remember, but the next year the music teacher included more kids to read poems on stage.

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