Blog of the Month

Every month one of us sifts through the world of bloggers
in search of  a unique and creative blog we award our
Blog of the Month.
This month we are featuring ~

Buttercup600’s Blog

~Seat of my Soul~

Is much more than a blog of poetry, it is a gateway. You enter through the watching eyes of a romantic soul greeting you from the shores of Australia.  Among the dim light you settle into the warmth and begin to read words that flow through your lips with sensual flavors. A hummingbird flutters by as you are noticing the beauteous touches of her artistic hand, You reach the end of the poem and find an accompanying video that draws it all together. When words magically begin to appear wishing you to have a good day you are struck by the unique pleasure of Buttercups talents.

Buttercup600’s Blog

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4 thoughts on “Blog of the Month

  1. Went through this blog and was mesmerized. That ladies got a sure handle on bringing together the facets of life and making them shine.

    I noted that all of the comments on her blog were dated January – 2011. Is there anything done recently?

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