Winner of the Winter/Summer Writing (Video) Challenge is………

Chris Lawrence~ Congratulations!


in the forehand of day
a void of light
sucked sun to sand,
tucked into folds
by a strolling wind
capturing grains and
displacing them,
knelt yet aware
of nothing,
absorbed in the heart
of the desert,
a patient remnant
of religion,
a contemplation
felt by shifted fur
of the cheetah
attending close by,
nothing abstract
would happen this
day or next,
flesh would be consumed,
and tomorrow would

– to learn more about Chris….

Chris Lawrence

with the wife and three children, i write poetry mainly as well as
stories and screenplays, been published in Troubador21,,
Deuce Coupe, Callused Hands, The Literary Burlesque, Guerilla
Pamphlets, and Vending Machine poetry for change anthology.

video– Gregory Colbert’s Ashes and Snow- Feathers to Fire


5 thoughts on “Winner of the Winter/Summer Writing (Video) Challenge is………

  1. A great poem. I like the etheral images coated with such realism and detail of all that was happening in the moment. It seems you watched that video with a very mindful eye, Chris. congrats!

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