Poetry by Beverly Bonn Jonnes

All Us Girls Ain ‘t Layable

So many mysteries to unravel,
unknowns to ponder-how much pollution is
too much, who’s the best candidate for Congress,
is heaven on earth or elsewhere-and I’ll get
on those problems soon, I promise, but for now, I’ve
stranded myself in a cul-de-sac poetic to crack the code
of one more overheard comment.

To be honest, the speaker first
got our attention by imitating the airport’s announcer.
She seemed the middle-aged actress who’d never
made the stage as the wise and cheerful charwoman,
but was satisfied now with all platforms. Her delivery
was impressive as any noon whistle, yet
left us wondering about making sense.

We weren’t sure what she meant
when she yelled, All us girls ain ‘t layable!
Did she mean that every female is incapable of being
had, or did she mean that some of us are
and some of us aren’t? And why do
l care? What is there in her stance, her manner,
her expression, her words fore and aft

that would clarify her statement?
I want to run and tackle her as she moves to board.
I want to ask her about her life, her philosophy.
I want to discuss possible viewpoints on layability.
I want to postpone the usual life-altering imponderables
of my poetic world, and solve a small mystery
before it flies off into somewhere else.


Bev and I are members of  The Mulberry Street Poets in Stillwater, MN. She is a published poet and a former schoolteacher living near Stillwater. Bev’s writings are reflections of her life from humorous moments like above to  the sad times of death. She has a special relationship with words and their placement within a poem that mimics her gentle and direct persona.


2 thoughts on “Poetry by Beverly Bonn Jonnes

  1. There’s a bit of experience showing though, Beverly. Pros and cons, ins and outs. Should’ve but couldn’t or wouldn’t because…

    Thanks for the journey, it was a pleasure.

  2. A humorous, thoughtful piece that leaves the reader smiling and reflecting on questions of life and the strangers they have witnessed in life. Great piece and so different then a lot of your other writings. It is a great example of how talented you are Bev.

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