Poetry by Aida Bode


Speech is a seed
sold in the bootleg market,
it comes with a special offer
two in one, life –
and death for free.

Tongues stretch as they surrender
to the guillotine of the new world.

Masses of communistic coercion
clap hands effortlessly
“Parti Enver jemi gati kurdohere”
(We’re always ready for our Party
and our leader Enver)

while others
in more opportune times
accept mutiny
without objections and click
the left side of a mouse wing
toasting the reborn slavery.

a shredded night,
the divine border
keeps away cows
in search of

The lost sheep of conscience
censured to be black.

one doesn’t have to be blind
to live in the dark.

Aida Bode ©


Aida Bode is a native of Korca, Albania, who immigrated to the Unites States in 2000. She’s the author of David and Bath-Sheba, which was first written as a story, later lengthened into a short novel, translated and published in Albanian and English. Aida Bode is an accomplished poet and writer. Her poetry and other articles have been published in many Albanian journals and newspapers. To read more of Aida’s poetry go to Shkrime ~ Writings

5 thoughts on “Poetry by Aida Bode

  1. The first stanza drew me to this piece. An example of turmoil where conflict is to arise due to peoples suffering reaching for humanity. Aida you have a different voice within here I like, great piece.

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