Opinion ~ The number of wars

There was a study done at some point which determined that the cumulated time of absolute peace on earth during some hundreds of years – that is the total time in which there wasn’t the tiniest war or revolution or anything of that kind anywhere on our planet – is of less than 5 minutes. Amazing conclusion, wouldn’t you agree, dear readers?

The first time when I read that I have to admit that I laughed, thinking that it must be a joke. But then I realized the bitterness of the truth – because, when looking at the human race through history, I realized it must be true. How can we talk about the number of wars when there’s always a war somewhere in this world?!

We talk daily about peace. We spend huge amounts of money for one of the most grotesque goals on this planet – “fighting for peace”.There isn’t a single country on Earth that isn’t involved in this continuous battle against wars. And yet we witness, on a daily basis, how people die in meaningless fights – how they’ve sacrificed their lives in the past and how they continue to do so, hoping for a future in which the number of wars will be null and in which absolute peace will no longer be quantified in minutes.

Wars need too little pretexts to be started, and too long a time to be stopped, and in the battle of hidden interests those who suffer are first of all the common people, whose only fault is that of being born in the wrong place in the wrong time. Peace, on the other hand, needs no pretext at all. Peace shouldn’t be fought for or deserved or earned. Peace should just be – everywhere.


6 thoughts on “Opinion ~ The number of wars

  1. Will humans ever learn to get along with each other? Will they ever learn to respect each others differences? Will humans ever learn the meaning to care?

    Those numbers gave me chills down my spine and tears of sadness. So many times religion/faith is the center of war without a thought of what the profits would say to the senseless fighting.

    • Absolutely true…and yet we know this and it continues. I’d like to see the fighting be inside at a table w/discussions and outcomes. I thought the United Nations was supposed to be this kind of venue.

  2. So well expressed. The five minutes of peace number is going to stick with me. How horrifying. But undeniably true. I applaud the writer’s mention of the “hidden interests” of those who promote war. And yes, it is the common people – and the young brave soldiers – who pay the price for the military industrial complex’s hidden agenda which is – as everything apparently is any more – based on money, politics, and power. Wish we could start a movement : Empower Peace.

  3. Excellent, Lilliana. It couldn’t have been written better with a thousand more pages, nor conveyed truer meaning. Still, as Winston Chuchill once said, “History is written by the victor.” This was also an observation by Jacob Bronowski in The Ascent of Man: A Personal Journal. Which came first I don’t know, but it has served as endorsement of war for many years. As long as we have such endorsements people will always follow. I personally endorse, “War is not healthy for children and other living things.” which was a slogan durng the Vietnam war.

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