Opinion~Dreams and The Dreamer

What I know of dreams is that they are vast, diverse and very personal. People love to tell their dream if they remember it, surprising even themselves. It’s as though these dreams tell them something unique about them, a revelation with an underlying meaning. Does our brain compose poetry of these images and put it to a sequence we are able to understand, our unique life and diverse universe?

“He or she is just a dreamer” someone may distinguish a friend of theirs with this comment which is almost a put off as a laziness trait. Quite contraire, daydreaming can be constructive for creative and artistic careers for composers, novelists, filmmakers and especially for mathematicians and physicists to develop new ideas.

My personal viewpoints not based on science are as follows. Dreams represent what is on our minds or what is troubling us, thus displaying an artistically expressed visual movie. A person who is content with their decisions and surroundings, or at peace, probably does not dream as much. This person most likely sleeps well with REM(dream sleep) and deep sleep cycling well. However a person who remembers or has excessive dreams, which they then construe to explain or predict the future is based upon an unsettled mind. This is not a bad thing, just that the person is unsure or uses dreams in a religious manner, that God is telling them what will happen or what to do. Possibly they have lack of control in their life, thus they allow God to control them.

I believe the mind at rest, at night, sorts these thoughts for us if we let it. Minimal or no dreams remembered are representative of a person at peace, relaxed. Just my opinion.


2 thoughts on “Opinion~Dreams and The Dreamer

  1. Similar to my thoughts, teachings. Perhaps we have a similar connection to reality. Or maybe reality just is, and our perception of it comes from the same place. Aah, to be at peace, but my purpose leads me on. I just don’t feel the need to be in control all the time. Maybe that’s the difference.

  2. One who seldom dreams or seldom remembers their dreams can also be seen as forced containment. Stress can also keep a person from dreams, as the body and its waking responses of fight or flight are still ever present in the physical world. Denial isn’t only a river in Egypt, but it can also create a chasm within our minds. I like Lawrence’s statement about not having to be in control all the time…that is when the real fun begins! 😉 Thought provoking share, Kim, much enjoyed!

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