Opinion ~ Words Deserve Better

Distended thoughts of crackerjacks and crackpots
Enter the mind
And give my personal conceptual reality pause.
Stereo my type and see
That I do not fit that square little hole
Created for the benefit
Of muted brains of academia
Lacking aeronautic transfer
Into nether realms…
The circumcised mind of the twenty-first century
…Dares not impede my mission.
I care not for the withering…dithering…blithering
Acts of unstable certainty
That cloud thoughts of freedom…of the soul
The breaching of unheralded cosmic force
That words let spring upon the pages of
His story…my story…her story
Creation…an act of will…
Depends upon carelessness
Of repressive causes…
Be yourself…
Be whoever you choose…
And let the heads that dangle their trills
Fade into the vast apathetic atmosphere
…Of eternity.
Now is the time…
Of suspense for the novel
Now is forever…
Bursting beyond those cretins
And critics
Who really only need to apply their frustrations
To themselves.
Now we see…
That the other side of creation
Is not for our complexity
To comprehend
Dashing against the shores
Of concentrated spume.
There is a lesson here
…For the coaxing of perfection
…From gentle intentions,
Softly drooling
…Sipping of the broth
That sinfully simulates desire
And wraps wings around suppositions care.
…Come out
…Come out, little thought
…I’ll give you life
…Unpin the moment
…Then set you free.


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