Interviewing Christi Moon

My dear readers, it is my exquisite pleasure (and I guarantee it will be yours too) to have here today with me one of the key members, to be more specific, one of the administrators of a very strong poetry community, the Facial Expressions Poetry Circle or FEPC. Ladies and gents, without further dragging out, here she is, Christi Moon.

Lilly: Dear Christi, first of all thank you for accepting to answer our questions here today. First of all, for those of our readers who are less acquainted to your role with the FEPC, please tell us a few words about the purpose of this community.

Christi:  Facial Expression Poetry Circle is a group created for individuals who are interested in being involved with a highly artistic, collaborative, unbiased learning atmosphere that promotes constructive feedback and honest critiquing which has proven to be instrumental in accelerating the creative growth process and actively assisting writers with refining their skills as poets.

Lilly: How did you get to be involved in FEPC?

Christi: I became involved with Facial Expression Poetry Circle a year ago when I was invited to join this incredible group of talented and dedicated poets by Luke Prater, the founder of the group.   It was clear to me from day one that this group possessed a wealth of poetic knowledge as well as an amazingly selfless enthusiasm to share that talent and knowledge with others.   It was a huge honor to be asked to be an admin for the group last May.

Lilly: We know that lately the group moved from Facebook to another place. Can you please tell us if this affected in anyway the community’s activity, and if so, how? Would you say that this was a step higher for FEPC?

Christi: Due to the industrious (and tireless) efforts of the FEPC founder Luke Prater in searching for  ways to enhance the opportunities for the group…we were able to make a move from Facebook to a fully customizable site on the Ning Network which affords the group freedom from the previous Facebook constraints.  This move has significantly expanded the features that are available to members including;  their own member page, access to the infamous FEPC discussion board, as well as the opportunity to blog posts privately or openly for the group… to name a few.   We have had an enormous amount of positive feedback about the new site from our members.  The group has been quite active and is really flourishing in this wonderful new environment.   Kudos to Luke Prater for his insight and vision for FEPC.

Lilly: Together with Julie Watkins you ran the fall poetry contest within FEPC. Can you share with our readers your post-contest feelings related to the outcome?

Christi:  Julie and I had a great time hosting the November Creative Challenge together!  Julie is a brilliant poet and if you haven’t already… don’t miss this opportunity to read her poetry.  I find it impossible not to be in awe of the amount of incredible talent that we have amongst our FEPC group members.  The top three poems were certainly well-deserving of their placement in the challenge.  I am already looking forward to the next Creative Challenge, stayed tuned…

Lilly: And one last question Christi – do you have specific expectations or hopes from this very special poetry community?

Christi: That FEPC continues to thrive, providing a rich learning environment for writers of all backgrounds to have a place to give and receive honest, encouraging feedback and support as we all work towards honing the craft of poetry—a  remarkable and essential form of the arts.

Thanks a lot again for joining us today, Christi! And dear readers, those of you interested to know more about the poet Christi Moon, and not just about the FEPC administrator Christi Moon, you can find her at


7 thoughts on “Interviewing Christi Moon

  1. Let me just say that Christi’s patience in getting to the bottom of iambic meter is legendary. Along with Luke (definitive metrical knowedge as far as I’m concerned) and Julie, I have been walked through sonnets, villanelles and Luke’s own forms, the Octain and (aptly named) Stress Matrix stanza. Such technical know-how and patient engagement has worked wonders. I never expected to be able to write a villanelle and can say without the help of Luke, Christi and Julie I never would have – my poem published in this edition (Data Chains) was my third villanelle and undoubtedly grew out of the creativity of this group.

  2. Great interview! Christi’s expertise (and patience!) have been invaluable in guiding me with both structured and free verse poetry. We are very lucky to have such amazing and polished poets at FEPC who so willingly give their time and advice to help us learn, improve and hone our craft.

  3. I remember when I was trying to write iambic meter for the first time (last year) – Christi walked me through it literally line by line, word by word. So the word “patience” that everyone keeps using to describe her is very accurate! Plus, she a fantabulous poet! Thanks, Christi, for all you do.

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