Poetry by River, J.S. Wayne, & Liliana

New Beginnings
by River Urke

A morning aroma drifts between
passing thoughts of her dreaming mind,
wrapping tighter she dives deeper,
listening to footsteps inching closer
until the sound stills and she peeks

out into the greys of mid-winter
straight into the eyes of her love.
Their lips meet halfway
as they bath in the presence of the other
he traces her silhouette to memory.

They rise in strengths of even flow
sharing sips of a brew steaming with
flashing images of the past year,
the tests they overcame with new
beginnings, and their moment of now as
they face the horizon of a new year.



by J.S. Wayne

Huddled in the darkness
Wind and rain howling outside
Warm within as we cling close
Music and heartbeats the only sound
In my blindness I reach for you
My holy book which I read by touch
Avoiding my favorite chapters
To savor the whole of the binding
The texture of the print
The delicate, earthy scent of musk
The low, quick catch in your breath
As I turn the pages, building
To the unwritten confrontation
The climax of the story
Which we two will scribe this night
In wind and rain, sweat and darkness
Tears, laughter and love
And in the denouement, we will whisper
Sweet words to sear the night itself
Drifting peacefully in a sanctuary of our own making
We will not see the dawn
For sleep and love will make us blind
And in our den of darkness
We will find something beyond the glory of the morning sun.


by Liliana Negoi

modesty’s brevity
the toxicity of necessity
bungee jumping from the edge
of oddity’s preciosity
elasticity of eccentricity
with the complicity of publicity,
best known hairstylist being
static electricity –
modernity’s eternity,
courtesy to snobbery’s finicality,
ever-growing fertility
of the holy stupidity,
and beyond the statistics
of natality’s morbidity,
we daily witness the gloriously civilized
decay of humanity



4 thoughts on “Poetry by River, J.S. Wayne, & Liliana

  1. Powerful writing here, which draws the reader into the poets’ worlds. The first two could be responses top each other – fantastic setting of mood. Lili’s closing lines have great impact, especially on the eve of 2012. Thanks, kids – you inspire!

  2. ooo how have I missed this blog! Liliana is one of my favourite writers, and I never knew J.S wrote poetry – and great poetry at that! bravo to all of you – the first one builds great tense in that opening stanza – and as Sherry said it could link onto the second! Lily’s infamous word plays to close this three-for-one super deal haha – “bungee jumping from the edge
    of oddity’s preciosity
    elasticity of eccentricity” – great poems, and great to hear some spoken!

  3. Hearing the poet read their poem can add dimensions and wow Liliana. I’m so happy we have the tools to do just that now. An intense poem that opens our mind in thought.

    JS you totally can write poetry too. You build up to a wonderful ending. 🙂

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