Poetry by Natasha, Lawrence & Michael Yost

Broken Shadow
by Natasha Head

Existing within the shadows that come with living with another
Beasts they don’t acknowledge
invading dreams for a brighter tomorrow

Frustration mounts at this denial
the ability to deny, deny, deny
the magic of turning it all around

placing blame on you. Unsympathetic?
I can name the day the sympathy died
the day my heart fractured

irreparable, permanent break
a void never to be filled
blackness born of shadows

It is not my fault you are broken.

by Lawrence A. Parent

Speak to my soul
     With a heart full of wonder
          And keep me from going insane
This yearning inside
     Pealing lightning and thunder
          Remember the beaconing pain
As joys mix with sorrows
     Continuing whirl
          Supressing profound shattered rage
The seasons express
     Each new whim of the world
          And the writing creates a new page
And then willows are weeping
     On banks out of time
          With mandalas awhirl in the sky
So remember with patience
     The flexible line
          Dividing a wondering why
As the ceaseless emotion’s
     Engulfing the sounds
          Of music and laughter on fire
‘Tis the seasoned excitement
     That turns the world ’round
           Of a magic consumed with desire
Echoing pleasantries run through the sands
     And carry a song that will last
          That whispers of future
               Revealing the plan
                    For what lies ahead
                         That can finish the past


Only One
by Michael  Yost

Only one broke the heart of the p
Others only guess but my soul knows it
Sighs and regret being released from their lips
Are all stirred up, from that single courtship
Others may blur the bottom line
Tied with the one that they really pine
All these poems of rejection lie
Within these lines where my heart does cry

4 thoughts on “Poetry by Natasha, Lawrence & Michael Yost

  1. Beautiful offerings, fellow poets. I especially love “willows are weeping on banks out of time”. And the closing line of Only One goes straight to the heart. What a rich issue this is. Good work, kids!

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