1st Annual Poetry Slam ~ Voices of Poets

Here at The River our poetry mission has been to be a place for poets to be heard from around the world. Until now we have accomplished this by publishing the poems of poets but that did not feel like enough. It only encompassed the written word of voice. So, to keep with our mission we have come up with a way poets can be heard by sound with an online multi-media Poetry Slam. Then to add a little more excitement we have made it a contest too.

OPEN from December 30 @ 12 pm CST to December 31st @ 12pm CST

So what to you do……….. 

Rules** Important for all that enter to read

  • To be a part of the Poetry Slam you will need to post  the link or the address of an audio recording or the link to a video recording of your reading in the comments below. Please no links to blogs or websites. **
  • Only one poem per poet can be entered in the contest either in audio or video.
  • There are two categories to the contest- two winners…………   Audio….Video
  • The earlier you post your poem in the comments the better a chance you have to win the contest.
  • There are two posts for the Poetry Slam- 1 Poems (here) — 2 Votes (don’t forget to vote)Votes on oneself will not be counted.
  • The Poetry Slam is open for 12 hours for posting, listening, and voting- then the doors close until Monday. We will announce the winners then.


Welcome to Voices of Poets


1st Annual Poetry Slam on The River


If you are a lover of poetry and not a writer

than go straight to the instructions above the comments

If you are a Poet here to share

than follow these instructions:

  • Post a comment with:

  • Your name/blogs name

  • name of your poem – audio/video

  • your recording address from wordpress, share link or address from Sound Cloud etc, or link address to youtube for sharing- please do not embed your video- 
    no links to blogs or websites **examples in comment area**

    for instructions on for Audio & video link


    In the comments are the links to the poems.

    Please post only a link to the poem, your name,

    the poems name, and your blog’s name.

    If you have a comment about the poetry slam click here
    then feel free to leave your thoughts. We would love to hear them.

    Don’t forget to come back and vote for your favorite poem in video and in audio.

    Enjoy the Show!

    If the comments are closed the Poetry Slam is either not open yet
    or closed until the next Show.

    OPEN from December 30 @ 12 pm CST to December 31st @ 12pm CST


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  1. Will try to repost my video without Youtuve uploading it.

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